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Welcome to Bitterbams!

Stars by IngloriousBunny Stars by IngloriousBunny


:bulletpink: Do not claim! These Bitter's are rightfully owned by :iconboochkin: and :iconcalirado:

:bulletpink: Please put your artwork into the right folders

:bulletpink: Do not abuse the privlage to own these, Bitters are not to be used in:

:bulletred: Pornography

:bulletred: Offencive/Racist images

:bulletred: To be re-sold. If you wish to re-sell. Please give them back to us, We will do it

:bulletred: Do not claim them, Like I have already said. Bitterbams are owned by Booch and myself

What you can do with Bitter's:
:bulletgreen: Ask for commissions
:bulletgreen: Ask other members to breed your Bitter with theres
:bulletgreen: Sell bitters with Booch and mines approval
:bulletgreen: Share them to other groups or people, But please mention us as the owners of Bitters



Bitterbam's are a unique species, They are mysterious and rare.

Bitter's are bread between Deers and Rabbit to create a cute animal

Bitters are majestic creatures not only possessing the abilitys of both animals in one but rare 'powers'

There are different rarities of these Bitter's, Such as:

:bulletpink:Common (These posses no power, they are either natural pelted or a mix )

:bulletpurple: Un-common (These have a touch of there pastel colours and different items growing off there horns such as, Flowers, Berries and rarely bugs)

:bulletblue: Rare ( These have a majestic pelt ranging from every color of the rainbow but in pastel. They also have strange lights and human jewlery hanging from there horns)

:bulletgreen:Endangered (These are almost like super rare. They have some changing markings and wear clothing such as a blanket or poncho. There horns are actually wooden and tree like. Most of them are cherry blossoms)

:bulletyellow: Gods and Godess's (There are only a hand full of these, The gods are larger and more powerful then the other bitters, They are also quite younger. Gods are not adoptable or buyable as they are owned by the founders of the Bitterbams )

Bitters are breedable and almost genderless or have both genders. The godly bitters are breedable but are very high in price. The prices will be listed bellow somewhere


Terms of Services!
Bitterbams Terms of ServiceWhen you purchase/sell one of our original designs from either the creators (or another user), you are choosing to follow and agree to the Terms of Service listed below.
They are important so please read them and follow them carefully!
By purchasing the Bitterbam you are buying the rights to that character.
You can edit the design itself, however they must be minor and cannot be drastic changes (E.g. adding wings or changing the design so it is more of a 'rare' status.) It would be wise to run it past one of the creators who will discuss it with each other and either accept/decline the invitation to change.
Any changes that you want, which are actually intact very large changes, can still be asked for to the creators. Though it will be very rare that we accept these.
You are not allowed to add any traits that are found in anything higher than what you have paid for. If you are found with a rare item on a common Bitterbam without permission we have the right to remove the Bitterbam from


Frequently Asked Questions!! (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)


Stars by IngloriousBunny Stars by IngloriousBunny


Closed button #Pink (Free to use) by Hunibi


Closed button #Pink (Free to use) by Hunibi
(Closed species by Boochkin & Calirado


Hi there!
Welcome to Bitterbams ! The group is currently under construction so please bare with us as we sort everything out.

If you own a Bitterbam then please note the group asking for promotion to 'Contributor' so it will be easier for us to see who owns a bitterbam and who doesn't.






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